Pi Beta Phi
University of California, Riverside
About Our Chapter

The California Lambda Chapter was officially founded at the University of California Riverside on November 5th, 1988. Next year we will be celebrating 30 years of sincere friendship in Cal Lambda while celebrating on our accomplishments. At UCR we are known as one of the most diverse campuses across the United States, here at Pi Phi we also reflect diversity. We always say you will find a sister that is similar to you and your interests as well as your individual ideals.  

  "I never thought I was going to join a sorority. I thought joining a sorority meant leaving your individuality behind, but when I found Pi Beta Phi I found anything but my typical idea of a sorority. I became sisters with girls who are all different ethnicities, religions, and majors. I became sisters with girls who are all so different. I became sisters with women who are all strong individuals but come together to form a true sisterhood." -Claire Marks 

"Cal Lambda is unique because even though the women in our chapter come from different background and hold different beliefs, we respect one another and inspire each other to achieve our ambitions through love, support, and kindness." -Tiffany Vu